Absorbable Gelatin Powder Hemostat, USP

GELITA-SPON® POWDER can be applied dry in powder form, or mixed with saline solution as a paste. It can be applied by hand or with a standard syringe to areas that are hard to reach. Surgeons and operating room staff benefit from the product’s supreme flexibility, adaptability and easy handling. It is adhesive, especially when applied in sternotomy and craniotomy procedures.


  • Flexibility – different consistencies and grades of viscosity can be achieved by varying the “powder/fluid ratio”

  • Does not cause bone dehiscence like conventional bone waxes

  • Ideal for use on irregular structures such as bone and for filling any hard to reach areas like cavities or fissures

  • Suitable for neurosurgery


  • Made from 100% pharmaceutical gelatin

  • Natural & safe

  • pH-neutral character – can be combined with drugs

  • Stops bleeding effectively

  • Easy handling

  • Fast, complete resorption

  • High patient comfort – can be left in situ

Pictorial Instructions

  1. Insert approx. 4 ml saline solution.
  2. Consistency can be adjusted by adding less or more fluid. For paste add 4-5 ml, for mousse add 6-7 ml and for slurry add 8-10 ml.
  3. Close lid and shake for approx 5 seconds.
  4. Remove the lid completely.
  5. Prepare the syringe by taking out the plunger and insert the paste into the chamber by dipping the chamber upside down.
  6. Use a spatula to put the last leftovers by hand into the chamber.
  7. Apply to bleeding site and where possible give light pressure with wet gauze for approx 1,5 minutes. For hard to reach areas use an extension.

Available shapes and sizes GELITA-SPON® POWDER