First Gelatin Fibrillar for Controlled Hemostasis

Now you can stop bleeding even more easy and efficient. GELITA TUFT-IT® is the world’s first gelatin-based fibrillar for controlled hemostasis. The patented gelatin fibrillar combines the positive characteristics of a gelatin-based hemostat with the flexible and convenient handling of a non-woven material.


  • Multi-layered – can be tufted and peeled off in layers and applied gradually to achieve optimal results with minimal use of product

  • Ideal for quick control of bleeding in irregularly shaped structures and areas difficult to access

  • No significant swelling

  • High blood and fluid absorption

  • Adheres perfectly to bleeding site, but also easy to reposition


  • Made from 100% pharmaceutical gelatin
  • Natural & safe
  • pH-neutral character – can be combined with drugs

  • Stops bleeding effectively

  • Easy handling
  • Fast, complete resorption

  • High patient comfort – can be left in situ