Non-Woven Absorbable Oxidized Cellulose Hemostat

In the operating theater, achieving controlled hemostasis is critical. 
GELITA-CEL® FIBRILLAR is GELITA MEDICAL’s absorbable non-woven oxidized cellulose hemostat. It can be applied in just the right amount to achieve optimal results with a minimal use of product owing to its layered structure. GELITA-CEL® FIBRILLAR can be tufted or peeled off in layers and applied gradually until hemostasis is achieved.


  • Variable sizes

  • Non-woven material can be tufted and peeled off in layers and applied gradually

  • High flexibility – ideal for irregularly shaped bleeding sites


  • Made from 100 % oxidized cellulose

  • Natural & safe

  • Stops bleeding effectively

  • Easy handling – does not stick to gloves or instruments

  • High patient comfort – can remain in the body

  • Sterilized by means of gamma irradiation