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Sprayable Absorbable Oxidized Cellulose Powder Hemostat

GELITA-CEL® CA POWDER is ready to use and very easy to dose. It can be used in hard to reach areas as well as on capillary and parenchymatous bleeding due to its No-Touch-Technique application. It initiates the coagulation process on contact and achieves hemostasis within minutes. It forms a soft sticky layer on the wound surface that does not clump or clog ventricles when used in neurological surgery. Unlike comparable hemostatic products, GELITA-CEL® CA POWDER requires no mixing, no additional components, no assembly and does not require cooled storage.


  • Easy and safe to dose

  • No-Touch-Technique avoids manipulation of sensitive tissue

  • Required amount of powder sticks to bleeding surface

  • Excess can be rinsed off easily

  • No mixing, no additional components, no assembly required


  • Made from 100 % oxidized cellulose

  • Natural & safe

  • Stops bleeding effectively

  • Easy handling – does not stick to gloves or instruments

  • High patient comfort – can remain in the body

  • Sterilized by means of gamma irradiation

Available shapes and sizes GELITA-CEL® CA POWDER